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Software Craftsmanship
Software Craftsmanship

Software Craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we do so we can continuously deliver value to the business with inherent quality. We understand that quality should not be a premium. We hone our skills through continuous practice. We constantly learn, teach and mentor in our team, our company and the wider software development industry.

Agile & Lean
Agile & Lean

We believe that a good process constantly delivers incremental value to the business and provides fast feedback. This allows us to inspect, learn, and adapt. We don't prescribe specific processes. We help teams understand their options and make their own choices - whether that is Scrum, Kanban, or a mix of Agile practices.

Continuous Delivery
Continuous Delivery

We understand that Continuous Delivery requires the organisation to be aligned in order to deliver value to stakeholders in frequent and small iterations. We are experts in release automation and setting up continuous delivery pipelines. We achieve continuous delivery through close attention to business needs, software quality, and XP practices.

Extreme Programming
Extreme Programming

Practices such as Test-Driven Development (TDD), Pair Programming, Continuous Integration and Shared Ownership are core. This fits very well with our craftsmanship values. We are experts in these practices and use them with great effect. We run public training courses and community events to help our industry embed these practices.

Dev Ops
Dev Ops

DevOps is a culture that supports continuous delivery. We believe that release, operation, and maintenance of software are as much the responsibility of the software development team as building the features in the first place. We include production stability, monitoring, and maintenance features from the start.


Our focus is on .NET, Python, Node.js, GO, C++, Mobile (iOS and Android) and Web Front-end technologies. We use automation tools such as Ansible, Jenkins and Gitlab. We excel at cloud deployment, especially using AWS and Google Cloud. All our craftspeople are polyglots covering many languages on these platforms.