More than 30 years ago, two entrepreneurs and friends from Navarre united by a dream and convinced that healthy eating improves people’s quality of life, embarked on a project to make fresh vegetables more accessible, present in practical formats that would do easier people’s life. Today it is a dream that the entire Florette team continues to pursue, innovate and increasingly seek a variety of fresh, healthy and tasty products to help people feed better.

Software Architecture, flexible and reliable

From the beginning we were very clear that the Florette was going to need a flexible architecture, reliable, high performance and high availability. For this, we propose an architecture oriented to microservices, autonomous.

Dev-Ops, Cost-Reduction

Our main objective was to keep infrastructure costs in the comfort zone. We have automated all the processes of creation of environments, provisioning of machines, software deployment and auto-escalation, using Azure, thus achieving a reduction in infrastructure costs. The goal is to improve collaboration across the value stream by developing and automating a continuous delivery pipeline.