Click, Eat, Noow

Founded in 2016, MrNoow was created with the aim of eliminating waiting times in restaurants. Look at the letter, send your order and pay with a single click.
Being able to order food before arriving at the restaurant is one of the trends with the greatest future projection currently. It allows diners to order their orders in advance and not have to wait in the establishment making the operations much simpler and more fluid. Applying new technologies to table reservations is essential nowadays. Every time we live faster and with less time so all the services that help us streamline processes make us decide for one restaurant or another. With MrNoow all restaurant charges are managed quickly and easily.

Design, UX Thinking

During the birth of MrNoow we carried out the design and the user experience, fusing the concepts of comfort and immediacy, which are MrNoow’s live motive, and bringing them to their maximum expression in two mobile applications, which allow the user to place an order with 3 clicks


Software Architecture, flexible and reliable

From the beginning we were very clear that the MrNoow was going to need a flexible architecture, reliable, high performance and high availability, in addition by the fact of being a Startup would be necessary that the costs were small and stable. For this, we propose an architecture oriented to microservices, autonomous, using architectural patterns such as CQRS, Publish-Subscribe, Request-Reply or Return-to-Address.


Mobile Development

All mobile development was done native to iOS and Android, with the aim of achieving a better user experience. Managing the entire development process from origin to the deploy in the stores.


Dev-Ops, Cost-Reduction

Our main objective was to keep infrastructure costs in the comfort zone. We have automated all the processes of creation of environments, provisioning of machines, software deployment and auto-escalation, using AWS, thus achieving a reduction in infrastructure costs.